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What We Do

Here at Discover, we believe in everything new. We have seen the amount of new and innovative products that are appearing overseas and though we would like to start expanding these products around and within Japan. We use a wide variety of different skills and expertise to achieve our goals and firmly believe we are the current biggest and best in this field for Japan. We would love for you to allow us to sell your product within Japan!


We take pride in delivering the vastest and highest quality of advertisement within Japan.


We do a huge range of national logistics from our warehouse meaning you can sit back and relax whilst we do the work.


We do all of the localisation for your project including text, videos, pictures and much, much more.


Not only do we do all of this, but we use our experience and knowledge to create original ideas to help improve sales.

Who we are

Take a look at just some of our skilled and experienced members who will be helping bring your product into the Japanese market.

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